Cherry Creek State Park

The family recently went off to explore the closest state park to our new house in Aurora Colorado.  Cherry Creek State Park is a surprisingly open park in the middle of the busy area of east Denver.


There are a ridiculous amount of activities to do here and we can’t wait to explore the park even more.  After driving around and checking out the place a bit and figuring out the photography permit process we headed over to Pho 75.  This was our first restaurant to try to find the best Chicken Bun in town.  It was really good but it was lacking the mint and according to my wife, there was a bit too much of the fishy taste in the fish sauce. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Cherry Creek State Park

    • In Colorado you need a special use permit for state parks if you’re photographing for profit. So if you’re selling your images, photographing paying clients or photographing and being compensated monetarily. The permit is easy to get, you just go to the office in the state park and apply. There is small fee though.


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