Getting All Set Up!

So I just arrived in Denver not to long ago and started getting things ready to go for hikes.

Things I though I would need.

  • Warmer Clothes
  • Maps
  • Garmin Files
  • Education (avalanche & winter survival)

I was a bit sad to learn that Green Trails doesn’t make maps for Colorado. However, REI has a big stockpile of all the maps you might need.  I started out grabbing the following:

  • Colorado Official Map to Scenery & Adventure
  • NATGEO Rockey Mountain National Park (#200)
  • NATGEO Longs Peak (#301) – Came in the map pack
  • NATGEO Vail, Frisco, Dillon (#108)

Next I need some new files for my Garmin.  I went to GPS File Depot and found some pretty decent free files.



One thought on “Getting All Set Up!

  1. Luke

    I would recommend you check out the Colorado Hiking Club in Denver. They are an excellent source of info on hiking in Colorado. If you are still interested in WSAR, go see the folks at Alpine Rescue team. They are a great group of guys as well as Rocky Mountain Rescue in Boulder.


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