24 Hour SAR Pack

This is my first attempt at video, be kind 🙂

I just wanted to share what I carry in my 24 Hour Search and rescue Pack during missions.  It does change for the seasons so I may update it for cold weather later in the fall.  For now this is what I carry in the summer and add water based on the temperature. Enjoy!


5 thoughts on “24 Hour SAR Pack

  1. Why two lights in the chest pack? Those pen lights are notorious for breaking. I am a flight medic and I can’t think of a single person who uses those things. Just stick with the one LED light. Same with the notebooks. Other than that looks great 🙂

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    • Hey! Thanks for the comment. The pen light is for checking eyes and the other is used for when I write notes I can click it on and don’t have to hold it, it’s attached to one of the cords on the harness.


    • Luke I like the intro and the music. How much does your pack weigh all told? How much water do you carry in the?
      Yoir chest pouch is well organized and neat. I like LED lights because they are brighter than the penlight, and will survive anything up to a Nuclear war. May be think about adding the whistle, tape measure, compass, and plastic flagging if you them frequently.
      I never liked rain covers. I use Sea-to-Summit UL dry bags. I know Scott Clements lines his pack with a trash compactor bags. It saves a lot of weight.
      I like your modular approch to your First aid kits. Pulse ox’s are the most overrated and abused medical Dx tool ever!
      An UL poncho has a lot more functions than a Space blanket and weighs less (use as Poncho, shelter, cover, shade, improvised stretcher) You can easily put a shade shelter up in 5 minutes
      Great idea on the tourniquiet and Isi dressing!
      Do you think you need a small cook pot to boil water/make soup on an emergency bivy? Matches SUCK. Get a ferro rod and some Mini infernos for a “Sure Fire” situation.
      and practice starting a fire before you have to “For Real”
      The carabiners are a good idea. How about throwing a length of 20′ of 1″ webbing to improvise a harness

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