Moving to Denver!

So… we are moving to Denver!


I was accepted to an amazing job up there for three years. I am so looking forward to moving too. I have not lived somewhere where it snows on a regular basis in over 11 years, so the family will need thicker jackets.  I am very excited to get to somewhere that has so many outdoor activities to. Just from some quick browsing there are some high altitude passes that you can drive too, lakes and rivers, and more hiking than we can shake a stick at. Once we get there I’d like to get into mountaineering. My time doing search and rescue has left wanting to learn more, collect all the skills! I want to learn high-altitude and ice/snow skills. So if anyone knows any clubs that will help a complete newbie get started please send me the info.


One thought on “Moving to Denver!

  1. Luke.
    I took my Nurisng training at Fitzsimmmons Army Medical Center in Aurora (since closed). I am ENVY of you all! When you get there, look up the Alpine Rescue Team ( in Evergreen. Talk to Howard Paul. As far as hiking Clubs, the largest in the state is the Colorado Hiking Club ( all will have to ‘orient’ before you can go on hikes with them (They have had several people injured and kiiled on hikes). Learn to ski too..

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