SAR Field Team Leader – Resources

A recent seminar/discussion group about Field Team Leadership was conducted and led to some very good questions.  I’m posting the resources that we used for this, I’m sure there are more so if you know of something go ahead and put it down in the comments… as long as it pertains to SAR operations & the Field Team leader.



Seven Components of NPS Operational Leadership

OODA Loop decision making process

Situational Leadership

Crew Resource Management

Emotional Intelligence: There are several free tests out there but the best resource that I have used personally is the book, Emotional Intelligence 2.0


Risk Assessment

SAR Tri-fold Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment SPE and GAR



Case Study

Tunnel Creek


Additional Reading

Mountaineering: Freedom of the Hills

Phycology of Search and Rescue

Strength Finder 2.0: Great resource to identify your personal strengths.

Note:  I’m not claiming any of these documents as my own, just collecting them all in one place.  If there are any copyright issues just send me a message.


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