The Little Things – Water Bottle

image1-3The Water Bottle!  …an oddly personal choice that says a lot about you.  Do you use BPA free? Reusable? Are you on Team Camelbak or Team Nalgene?  How many stickers are on your favorite bottle, or do you keep it strictly business?

Currently I use five different water “bottles”:

Camelbak – 3L bladder in the pack

Hydroflask – 40oz in the Pack

Disposable – 2x 500ml to give away or for medical

Nalgene – 1L for daily use–this is the one I have all of my stickers on to show people how cool I am

MSR – 6L dromedary bag in the truck

Right now my favorite is the Hydroflask, this thing is like the Ferrari of water bottles.  Stainless steel with red powder coating, the inside has another layer with a vacuum sealed insulator in-between.  I do need to invest in the pop top for it, the wide mouth gets a little messy when your exhausted and trying to hold up 40oz of water with a steady hand.


Cool Kid Water Bottle

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “The Little Things.”

What i s your water bottle?


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