Full Member!

On January 15th the board of directors for Southern Arizona Rescue Association

put it to a vote weather to accept me as a full member or not.  I GOT IT!!


I’ve spent a lot of time training and as assisting with callouts for the one and a half years that I’ve been with a SARA.  First and foremost I need to thank my wife and family for helping me along the way and being understanding of the serious amount of training it has taken to get to this point.  Next to my bosses and my work for letting me take the time to go help people when they need it.  Then to all of the people of SARA for training me and showing me the ropes.

I’ve found great joy in what this organization has allowed me to do for my community and will be forever appreciative of the skills that I have learned and will continue to learn.  I was fortunate enough to have people that have done this for over 50 years, and many other experienced technicians, train me and share what they have  learned.  Hopefully I can take that and put it to good use in the field and then pass that onto other search and rescue technicians as I get more experience.


Just to give you an idea of the amount of time that is required to become

a search and rescue technician here are some of my stats:

Total Missions: 19

Mission Hours: 57

Training Hours: 318

Thats 375 hours in a year and half were I helped about 21 people and four dogs get to a better situation.  Sometimes my contribution was small, or just on standby incase more manpower was needed but it was all important and changed someone life for the better.











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