Family Circumnavigation of the Santa Catalinas

Today we had a spontaneous adventure were we drove all the way through Redington Pass, then up through San Manuel over to Oracle and back down to Tucson.  I figured this would be a great way to get the family out and see something new, and also test out the new truck topper. The total trip came out to 115 miles and 5 hours with a few stops and a lunch break.

29 dec


The view from Redington Pass looking down over east Tucson.


Spotted some mountain lion tracks 1 Mama and a couple of cubs from the looks of it.  Then we found what was left of their dinner; leg bones of a deer.

redington-3 redington-4

The new topper worked pretty well. I do have to figure out how to secure the front window flap to the bed, and the back metal bar to the rear window.  There were a couple of times I had to stop because it had shaken loose and was sticking out about 18 inches.

Side Note: I’ve made a trip similar to this in my old Jeep, and the Tacoma is way more comfortable and I felt like I had more control over the vehicle.

lineCasa Rivera


So we decided to stop in Oracle for lunch and just picked the highest rated restaurant on yelp.  The reviews gave us fair warning about the strict cash only policy so we hit up the ATM before we arrived at Casa Rivera.  Its on the south side of American Ave just off of SR 77.  Its a small hole in the wall and is pretty dated but the service was friendly and quick.  They are pretty serious about the cash only too, it is printed everywhere, the doors, the walls, the menu!  The prices are great and the food is amazing.  The red enchilada sauce was some of the best I can ever remember having.  The burritos were too big for anyone to finish and everyone loved their food.  All-in-all a great place to stop.


…oh and they serve breakfast until 2 pm.


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